Sunday, August 21, 2005

J-Lo Logic (8/21)

(originally published in the March 2004 issue of GAMES magazine, all rights reserved)

Hollywood is changing everyone’s name, and I'm doing the same thing. I took the first letter of the first name of an actor or actress and the first syllable of his or her last name and put them together.

You already know that J-Lo stands for Jennifer Lopez. Can you figure out the others? Then can you figure out what they all have in common (besides being actors/actresses)?

1) D-Hoff
2) B-King
3) M-Doug
4) D-Wash
5) W-Gold
6) G-Hack
7) C-Good
8) R-Will
9) M-Bran
10) K-Hep
11) J-Nic
12) S-Mac
13) P-New
16) A-Hop
17) G-Pal
18) J-Rob
19) N-Kid
20) H-Ber
21) R-Du
22) A-Pa
23) A-Jo
24) C-Ze
25) G-Da

Click here for the answers!


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