Saturday, September 17, 2005

Double Take (9/18)

Take one! Take two! I've doubled things up with this pencil puzzle. Each of the following clues produces a pair of words that look alike except for one double letter.

For example, the clue "Cafe meal" would produce "Diner dinner." Not all clues produce perfect synonyms of their respective answers, but they're close enough to get the right answer.

Can THEE get THE rest?

1) Punctuation unconsciousness
2) Spooky lake
3) Not-green river plant
4) More impolite steering mechanism
5) Gluteus conjunction
6) Cynical gnasher
7) Almost immediate offspring
8) Religious holiday plant
9) Feces explosion
10) Bike saying
11) 2001 corridor
12) Liberated Bedrockian
13) Schnoz rope
14) Child's horn sound
15) Henhouse policeman
16) Rodent dessert
17) Bending over sojourn
18) Sweltering owl call
19) Decent deity
20) Was Franklin

Click here for the answers!


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