Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Sequoia Code II (10/2)

The Sequoia Code is back! Each clue below leads you to a word which uses exactly one of each vowel (A, E, I, O, and U). We’ve also thrown in the vowel order as an extra hint. For example, "giant evergreen tree (EUOIA)" would produce "SEQUOIA." Happy code breaking!

1) Hopeful or full of promise (EOUAI)
2) Immunize (IOUAE)
3) Joking, usually at an inappropriate time (AEIOU)
4) Failed to operate correctly (AUIOE)
5) Totally new, usually referring to a scientific advance (OUEAI)
6) When you commit a minor crime, you go here (AIOUE)
7) Opposite of experienced (UAOIE)
8) Friendly, outgoing, and sociable (EAIOU)
9) State of being totally tired (EAUIO)
10) White vegetable (AUIOE)
11) English favorite (AOUIE)
12) 2 + 2 = 4 (EUAIO)
13) Type of arthritis (EUAOI)
14) State of showing kindness and compassion (AIOUE)
15) Warned (AUIOE)
16) Very evil and wicked (EAIOU)
17) Converse, talk, or correspond (OUIAE)
18) What a teenager is afraid of ruining (EUAIO)
19) A kind of ray which the damaged ozone layer fails to keep out (UAIOE)
20) Know-nothing dummies (IOAUE)

Click here for the answers!


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