Saturday, October 29, 2005

Will the Real Will Please Stand Up? (10/30)

I’ve compiled a list of men whose name has Will in it or a derivative like Willy, Bill, etc. Some of these men might not have been named William but nonetheless share a derivative form. I have listed short clues to lead you to the correct person.

For example, "Spaceballs" would lead to BILL PULLMAN, a lead actor in the movie.

WILL you get the rest?

1) US president
2) Fresh rapper
3) Puzzle master
4) "Slingblade"
5) One-liner comedian
6) English playwright
7) Calvin cartoonist
8) Medieval warrior
9) Computer CEO
10) Country singer
11) Young gunslinger
12) "Twister"
13) "Mrs. Doubtfire"
14) Fictional janitor
15) ‘Idol’ outcast
16) Trekkie original
17) "The Sound and the Fury"
18) English prince
19) Scottish revolutionary
20) Science guy

Click here for the answers!


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