Saturday, November 12, 2005

Stated in Reverse (11/13)

Below are clues which, when solved, will give you a backward two-letter state abbreviation and ultimately a state's name.

For example, ‘Musical tone’ would produce the middle answer LA; backward this is AL or the final answer ALABAMA.

Can you solve the rest?

1) Popular car
2) Narnian’s initials
3) Santa’s famous laugh
4) Unregistered trademark
5) Much-needed in Florida
6) Sound of disappointment
7) College-level high school classes
8) Hindu meditative word
9) What you can call Paul Simon
10) Farming major
11) Dormitory floor boss
12) Nearly every home in America has one
13) Boxer’s goal
14) Computer knowledge
15) Every newspaper has one

Click here for the answers!


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