Thursday, December 29, 2005

Drop One Coming Back (12/30)

First, read the paragraphs. The instructions come afterward.

"Honey," said the husband, "You're trying to tell me that you made a business trip all the way to ______, Texas, and all you had for meals was ______? That ain't no way to eat in a big city! You needed to get yourself some steak!"

He noticed the ______ in her ______, the shaking in her whole arm and body, and yet he didn't believe. "Really," he thought, "who would?"

"You didn't see what I saw," replied the wife, "On my first day in the city, I saw a wild animal." She leaned close and whispered something to her husband and then resumed in her normal voice, "and it was coming for me. For the rest of the trip, I had lost my appetite."

The husband laughed. "Ain't no ______ driving ______ ______ trying to kill my wife. That don't make no sense! Besides, the little burglars ain't got the legs for it. Well, anyway, I'm glad you're home safe." He put his arm around her.

"You sure are something," said the wife in a menacing tone. "Daddy had an expression when choosing coffins and dealing with people: if the ______ ______, bury it. Well, you better start believing in driving animals, otherwise we're through."

"What the heck are you talking about? And what does your crazy coroner father have anything to do with this? Ain't no big deal if I think you're crazy. I still love you."

Fill in the blanks with the following instructions and descriptions:

Four different paragraphs have blanks in them. For our purposes, these paragraphs are labelled 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Each number has a pair of answers (though #3 is composed of three words, one and two blanks). The first blank will always have a minimum of one adjacent double letter (like the E in DEER). The second blank(s) will always be the first word read backward while dropping the double letter (#3 ends up making two words in the second answer, though).

For example, examine the following sentence:

He shot the ______, making its hide turn from brown to ______.

The answer would be DEER and RED.

Can you do the same with above story?

Click here for the answers!


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