Friday, April 07, 2006

Two Types (4/7)

I'm thinking of two types of food which are both eight letters long. Their first six letters are exactly the same. Their last two letters share a letter but in a different spot (like 'B' in AB and BC). One is eaten all the time by kids and the other is an occasional adult treat. And they both start with M.

What are they?

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Compound Crackers (4/6)

Many compound words overlap with one another.

For example, GRASS, BIRD, and PRINT can all be made into compound words by adding BLUE in front, thus forming BLUEGRASS, BLUEBIRD, and BLUEPRINT.

Now take the following words: BAG, STORM, BOX.

What word compounds these?

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oldies Station (4/5)

An old philosopher's name can be rearranged to form an old 50s band.

Who is the philosopher and what's the band?

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Shifting Letters (4/4)

I'm thinking of a sport. Shift the first letter up one (like A to B) and shift the last letter down one (like B to A), and you'll get something critical to that sport.

What's the sport and what's the something?

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Bookseller Land (4/3)

One of my bosses at Barnes and Noble is named Vernon. I informed him that a famous author's first and last name contain every letter of his name VERNON.

He got the answer in under 30 seconds.

Can you?

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An Essential Item (4/2)

In many professional kitchens, you can find an essential kitchen item in two words. Both words start with the same letter; furthermore, all the letters of the second word are at the start of the first word, albeit in a different order.

What's the essential item?

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