Monday, October 03, 2005

A Mysterious Buyer (10/4)

First, read the scene below. The instructions come afterward.

I was disgusted by the figure. We had received several generous donations from well-to-do dealers and collectors and expected that our drive to collect money would be a cinch. We had original oil paintings, sculptures, and antique collectibles, each of which would bag a small fortune on E-bay. The figure was less than half of what we had expected, made by a man no one seemed likely to overbid. Large, muscular, bearded, and tattooed, he stood out like a lobster in a candy store.

I whispered to my partner, "I knew we shouldn't have ________ that last piece. We need to close up shop. That man will shatter our chances of a respectable drive."

My partner replied, "No one ________ us about him. What are we going to do?"

Fill in the two blanks in the above paragraph with two words which meet the following requirements:

1) each word must contain each of the vowels exactly once (that is, A, E, I, O, and U).

2) both words must contain the exact same letters, only in different orders.

Can you unpuzzle this desperate scene?

Click here for the answers!


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