Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Heart of the Matter (12/11)

In Asian philosophies, there is something called "chi" (pronounced CHEE). "Chi" is a life force that can be manipulated and which affects us on a daily basis, from balance to healthy living.

In the following puzzle, you'll be tracking down the "chi" of words in whatever form it comes. Spelling does not matter; only the pronunciation must sound like CHEE. Every clue below will lead you to an answer with "chi" or its various spellings in it.

For example, ORANGE JUNK FOOD would produce CHEETOES.

Ready? Good luck!

1) Purse brand
2) Asian martial art
3) Cheetoes's mascot
4) South American country pronounced correctly
5) Italian painter and ninja turtle
6) Rerun TV show's sour dad
7) Latin saying
8) Mike Meyer's "Simon" insult
9) Indian game
10) Bart cartoon
11) Indian tribe
12) Pasta with cream sauce
13) Little dog
14) Steve Martin flick with kids
15) Short story writer

Click here for the answers!


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