Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year! (1/1)

Happy New Year again! It's 2006, and I'm going to kick it off with this simple pencil puzzle. The following clues will each contain one of the words HAPPY, NEW, and YEAR, connected with other letters in some instances and in their original forms in others.

For example, if the clue were PERSON MARRIED YESTERDAY, the answer would be NEWLYWED.

Can you celebrate solving the rest?

1) Young animal
2) Adam Sandler's golf persona
3) Famous blimp
4) Bob's sitcom
5) Roosevelt's policy changes
6) Jesus's entrance, so to speak
7) Ren and Stimpy's song-chant
8) Large collection of pictures and text from high school
9) US flood site
10) Carefree
11) Sylvia Brown's bookstore section
12) Georgia O'Keefe's retreat
13) Marylin Monroe line to JFK
14) City that never sleeps
15) Type of school calendar

Click here for the answers!


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