Saturday, January 28, 2006

So Many Clues (1/29)

I recently found that several five-letter words can form two other four-letter words by dropping either the first or last letters. In the following puzzle, I'll give you three clues which when solved provide one five-letter word and two four-letter words. I won't tell you which clue leads to which word, though.

For example, the clues "shove, athlete's problem, highway accessory" provide the answers CRAM, CRAMP, and RAMP.

They won't always be in the same order, so watch out and good luck!

1) baked sweet, bright object, beginning
2) river creature, type of pot, hard object
3) fruit, swollen area, fat
4) crunch, smile, lemon part
5) sea creature, workbench tool, light source
6) Shakespeare character, make, understand

Click here for the answers!


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