Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stately Words (2/26)

(Originally published in the March 2006 issue of Knucklebones magazine, copyright reserved)

If you’ve ever taken a really good look at the names of our states, then you know that several words and proper nouns can be found within the confines of many states’ names. Below are clues which lead to a middle answer and ultimately to a state’s name.

For example, "Freudian term" would lead to the middle answer ‘id’ which would lead to the final answers IDAHO and FLORIDA.

The middle answers can be found anywhere in the states’ names, and the letters will never be separated (‘Indiana’ would not be an appropriate answer for the above clue). In addition, the middle answers will not always match up phonetically to the corresponding syllables in the states’ names. As above, there can be multiple answers to certain clues, but no answer may be used twice.

Think you can state the rest?

1) Biblical no-no
2) Athletics outfit
3) Common salutation
4) Sinclair Lewis classic (first word)
5) Flash Gordon’s nemesis
6) In a wooded area (adjective)
7) Common title of a young woman
8) Indiana Jones artifact
9) Dead king of France
10) "Ghostbuster" character
11) Swiss watch
12) Traditional cowboy direction
13) Lyric poem
14) Tic-Tac-Toe variant (first word)
15) Rule or regulation
16) Female garments
17) Superman’s alter ego
18) She had a little lamb
19) Everything in the universe has this
20) Large Asian country
21) Mathematics term
22) World-famous boxer
23) Region in Tolkien’s world
24) Scottish monster (second word)
25) Music genre

Click here for the answers!


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