Sunday, March 12, 2006

Double Initials (3/12)

In the following puzzle, I've listed clues which lead to a famous person's name (past or present). Each name (first and last) begins with the same letter.

For example, "SILENT ACTOR" would produce CHARLIE CHAPLIN.

Furthermore, I have alphabetized the answers to the clues so that, if number 5 were JOE JOHNSON, numbers 1 through 4 would have to be before J in the alphabet and the numbers 6 through 10 would have to be after J in the alphabet.

Can you get the rest?

1) M*A*S*H star
2) Animated rabbit
3) X-Files co-star
4) Youthful 60s singer
5) Bend It Like Beckham co-star
6) Clark's love interest
7) Old-school beauty
8) 'The Sun' editor
9) Classic American poet
10) Motivational business speaker

Click here for the answers!


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